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The Law Offices of Sprechman & Fisher, P.A. is one of the top collection attorney firms in the State of Florida.  It is our pleasure to offer you our collection attorney service for the collection of your Florida bad debt accounts receivable. Our firm adheres to the Federal and State of Florida collection laws with careful attention paid to what our collectors say and do when dealing with debtors. Our reputation as a leader in the Florida debt collection Industry is very important to us as we always endeavor to satisfy each and every client with our superior results and service.

As a Florida collection attorney service, we have decades of experience in the collection of Florida claims and employ 40 dedicated collection personnel who strive to not only collect each and every debt placed with our firm but to do it in such a way that it ensures success and positive results for our clients. Exemplary service to our clients is job one with each collection Attorney and each attorney staff member. Each client deserves and receives special treatment. Our Florida collection attorney service and our collection staff achieve the type of results you are looking for. The type of results that makes a difference in your bottom line. 

Even though we are a Florida collection firm, we also maintain a non-legal staff of professional collectors including an in-house collection manager and a client services department. We don't just collect in South Florida but cover the entire State of Florida to handle all of your Florida collection and litigation needs. Our Florida collection attorney staff and collection personnel are highly seasoned, motivated and ready to take on your Florida collection accounts.

Because we are a Florida collection attorney service, and not a Florida collection agency, our ability to litigate accounts through the Florida legal system enables our firm to achieve a higher than average recovery ratio for our clients. Each Florida collection Attorney, each member of our collection staff and client services department are very serious about client satisfaction and feel confident that we are better than our competitors because of it. 

Our Florida collection attorney service provides competitive rates, excellent service, support and results and we feel that makes us one of the better choices in the State of Florida for the collection of your bad debt claims.  

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